Christmas Lights of Night

Thanksgiving weekend is the kickoff to so many fun Christmas traditions.  Storybook Island, the kids fairytale park that Cole loves in the summer, gets decked out in lights for the whole Christmas season.  I took Cole last year since we didn’t make it to the Parade of Lights, but we practically ran through in 10 minutes because it was so bitter cold.  The whole weekend was actually rather nice, only in the mid 30’s in the evenings!  We took Grandma Ruth to Storybook Island Friday night, which was way less crowded than the Halloween event there a month ago.  My favorite picture is the one of us all in front of the stockings….Cole looks so pleasant and cooperative doesn’t he?  But then he got some hot chocolate and was stoked to see Santa after that.  He went right up to him (well, between him and the Mrs.) and told him he wants mash’ems for Christmas.  Matt and I had to look those up, apparently Cole learned about them from YouTube.

Saturday night, we took Ruth downtown and met Emilee, Al, and “E-Lan” (LeeAnn) for the Parade of Lights.  We got everyone bundled up and watched Matt and the Singing Johns on the Northwest Pipe float.  I didn’t really get a picture of the float, but it’s great!  There’s a “choir” of singing toilets with opening and closing “mouths.”  Matt got to be the giant snowman, which Cole thought was the coolest thing in the world!  Cole’s main concern at the parade was the number of Grinches we saw on floats.  Luckily, one of the floats had the Grinch in jail, and he was so relieved to see that.  Phew.


You Little Turkey!

Thanksgiving was about as least hectic as it could have been with fewer people than normal, yet it was still way too much work!  Grandma Ruth drove up Wednesday before Thanksgiving and visited us for the first time since we moved to Rapid.  Everyone was so excited to see her, and she even surprised Cole at school when she went to pick him up with me.  For Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, Chris fried up turkeys as usual…he fried 4 total this year for us and several to take to people.  It was just the 4 of us, Grandma and Grandpa Barbour, Chris, and Grandma Ruth eating dinner.  The kids couldn’t wait until 1 pm to eat since they smelled everything, so they sat at the table by themselves and ate.  I’ve never seen Cole eat so much meat in my life.  He loved the turkey so much, he probably ate more that meal than he’s eaten of any meat since we moved up here.  Landon, of course, liked it as much as he likes everything else….he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to food.





What a little ham…or should I say, turkey?!


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And although I don’t have many pics from the weekend before Thanksgiving, Grandpa Neill and GG Elaine came up for the weekend to hang out with Cole.  He spent the night at the hotel with them again, which was a nice break for us and a special treat for Cole.  We are so lucky to be blessed with such wonderful family!


Arrrggghh! Happy Halloween Pirates!

Cole was old enough to actually help with the pumpkin this year, but it didn’t last long.  He just wanted to poke holes in the pumpkin until the whole side was covered with little holes.  Grandma Jody painted the Ninja Turtle pumpkin, and Cole decorated his own pumpkin face with stickers.

20161028_185700 20161028_195632 20161029_091907  20161030_085946

We took the kids to Storybook Island for their trick-or-treating the weekend before Halloween.  What a mess.  The line was backed up so far, we waited about 30 minutes before we even got in the park.  Then it was just a steady stream of people for a whole 10 pieces of candy.  Plus, that was the coldest day since we’ve been up here, so we I had no fun.  The boys were actually troopers and didn’t complain about the cold or the waiting.  Cole was more worried about the kid in the giant inflatable dinosaur costume about 50 people in front of us.  For Halloween night, we made the boys’ wagon into a pirate ship to wheel them around in.  We trick-or-treated in Tommy and Emilee’s neighborhood, which was just the right amount of space between houses.  Cole was so big, he wouldn’t let us come up to the door with him.  There was only one house that had a man in a werewolf costume that he insisted on going by himself, but afterwards told us he got scared.  Every piece of chocolate he got was a Twix, and of course he got plenty of his favorite…suckers!   dsc029891304220161031_172247dsc0300520161029_173049dsc03001


Black Hills Tourist Week

Cole got to play tourist with Grandpa Neill and GG when they came out the week before Landon’s birthday party.  They stayed at a hotel with a big indoor waterpark, and Cole loved going down the tubes on the slides with Grandpa and Dad.  They weathered the wind on top of Dinosaur Hill, visited Who’s Hobby Toy Store in Main Street Square, and frequented the arcade at Papa’s hotel as well.  Cole finally got to go to Reptile Gardens and see the giant 100 year old turtles.  Since I am working full time right now during training, Cole was able to spend the night at the hotel a few nights and loved it!

img_5320 img_5356 img_5337 img_5353 img_5359 img_5369


365 Days, 12 Months, 1 Year


October 22…Our little Landon is one year old, and we can’t believe how fast the year has gone by!  We celebrated Landon’s birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Barbour’s house with a baseball theme.  I was able to get much of the party-planning done either before we moved or the weekend before the party, so this party didn’t seem as intense as some of Cole’s have been.  Luckily, Aunt Emilee helped me decorate the cake pops and made the beautiful two-tiered cake, so that took a lot off my plate.  I made our family baseball shirts and the poster before we moved, so really I didn’t have too much to do once we got here.  Grandpa Neill and Elaine were able to drive up for the party as well, so we had a nice small party.  Landon had a blast flirting with all the ladies, especially Emilee’s mom.  He’s really starting to talk up a storm, too.  He likes to hold a whole conversation with you and will just start laughing after he says something.  Too cute.  We took Landon to the doctor for his 1 year check-up and shots…as much as the kid eats, he does NOT gain weight!  He’s just over 19 pounds (Cole was about 22 pounds at 1) and in the 6th percentile.  I’m sure he’ll make up the weight at some point; it’s not too surprising considering how fast he crawls and never stops moving.

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dsc02975 dsc02767


Typical Cole being super cooperative for pictures

I did a cake smash the day after the party, and Landon loved eating the cake and digging into the frosting as much as he did during his party.  The kid just loves to eat and wouldn’t stop if you let him keep going.  He might’ve finished that whole baseball cake if I would’ve let him.  Cole barely touched his smash cake and cried when we stuck his fingers in it.  They couldn’t be more different.

dsc02830 dsc02857 dsc02856 dsc02869 dsc02893


Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

20161003_090331We’re officially in Rapid City!  The move went as smooth as it could have.  We filled up a giant trailer with more stuff than I thought we’d need, drove it across Wyoming, and took over just about every room in my parents’ house.  Everybody settled in just fine, and Matt and I have both started work.  Our first weekend in Rapid City, we found a pumpkin patch to take the boys to.  We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather in the beginning of October.  Cole had a blast picking up all the smaller pumpkins and loading them into the wagon.  Landon even got his hands on a baby pumpkin.

20161008_155652 20161008_155916 20161008_160412 20161008_160757 20161008_161256 12499 12508


Go Rox!

We took Cole to his second Rockies game with Grandma Ruth for an early birthday outing.  We sat at club level, which was really nice because we could come inside to cool down or walk around when Cole was bored of sitting.  He tried Dippin’ Dots for the first time and loved them.  We also got a Carlos Gonzalez bobblehead as the game giveaway, which he carried around with him the whole game.  Grandma asked if he wanted to see Dinger, and he actually said “yes,” so they went over to try to meet him.  This is as close as Cole would get.  We left after the 7th inning and walked to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  Matt and his family used to go there on their Denver outings when he was a kid, and he and his mom were surprised it was still around.  It was great Italian food though, and Matt and Grandma Ruth enjoyed talking about old memories.

rox6rox2  rox31 rox4 rox5 rox3rox1

Cole started his first day of Preschool at Redeemer this week.  He had a hard time like usual when I dropped him off, but I never got called to come get him (improvement from last year!), and he was really excited about his new class and teacher when I picked him up.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes and when he has to start over new once we get to Rapid…

1stday16 1stdayschool16