This, That, and a First Haircut

This is the rather uneventful time of year with not a lot of excitement or photo ops, but we’ve had a few highlights and cute photos to share.  Andy, Ivana, and Lukas came to visit her family and us in Rapid.  Since we’re living here now, we didn’t have to rearrange all the kids’ sleep schedules just to see each other for an hour.  We actually got together a few times, and the kids had a great time playing with each other now that they’re similar in age and abilities.  The weather was nice enough to go to the park, which they all loved.  It was Cole’s idea to get everyone on the teeter-totter…that’s my boy trying to get the cutest picture!  These 3 could be trouble over the years!

Landon finally got his first haircut at almost 17 months.  He was growing quite the rattail, even though I hated to cut off the curls.  I felt bad his hair was always swooping over his eye, so I figured it was time.  It’s amazing how different and older a haircut can make a little baby look!  He sat through the haircut fine, which I was a bit worried about since he panics when anyone other than myself is holding him.

And here a few random pictures from the last few months…


New hats from Papa Neill since winter has kept going and going and going


Cole loves playing Superhero these days


Cole and Dad found some bones at the bottom of my parents’ hill. This is how he thinks they would go to make whatever animal they came from…pretty creative all on his own!


My attempt at a winter photo shoot with Landon…


One of the only smiles I got


The Big Move

This past weekend, we finalized the closing on our Colorado house and packed up the rest of our belongings in the house.  We hired a packing and moving company that did pretty much all of the work for us, which was pretty amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still a stressful, emotional week, but it could’ve been a lot worse.  Luckily we had the help of Papa Neill, GG, and Grandma Ruth taking the boys during the day and for dinners, so we could be with the packers and get the rest of the house cleaned up.  My parents drove down with a small trailer to bring a few more of the boys’ toys that we figure we might need for the summer before we’ll find a house…it’s been a slow process with little progress.

The day before we moved, once everything was packed up, we celebrated the birthdays of everyone in the January/February months- Sarah, Elaine, Luke, and Matt.  We went to Palomino and it was utter chaos.  We had all of the kids, all of the grandparents, and Great Grandpa Harold.  A margarita definitely was in store that night…or maybe three in Matt’s case.  It was fun to have everyone together as a final “good-bye.”  Sorry for the blurriness of a lot of the pictures…it was dark and there was A LOT of movement amongst the subjects of the pictures.  Overall, Cole was probably the best behaved that night.  I know, can you believe it?!!



Christmas: Round 2…aka “The Drama of the 2 Chairs”

We celebrated Christmas with the Barbours New Year’s Eve.  Cole was an old pro at opening presents but was actually a little more calm.  He was very good about taking turns opening a present for him, then a present for Landon.  Landon loved the popcorn ball popper, especially when I ran around the house pushing it.  If only he could walk and push it himself!  Cole loved his Scooby Doo Pirate Ship and of course a few more TMNT items that he was stoked on!

The funniest part of Christmas was the drama of the Pottery Barn My Chairs.  We all thought long and hard about what sizes to get each of the boys, and in the end decided to get Cole the oversized chair and Landon the standard to make sure he was able to climb into it.  We made the mistake of having Cole open his first, so naturally both boys wanted to check it out.  Landon would get in it as soon as Cole got up, which was every 1.5 seconds if you know how much Cole can sit still.  Then Cole would point to Landon’s chair and Landon just looked at him, knowing exactly what he was doing to Cole.  The picture with Cole’s feet in Landon’s face pretty much summed up the whole experience.   We finally got them in their own chairs, and they look so adorable in their big comfy chairs.


Christmas in Colorado


We were able to spend a week in Colorado for Christmas this year.  Since we haven’t sold our house yet, we got to crash at our old house.  Everyone has a bed there, we’ve got dishes, linens, and everything we need there, so it was an easy transition back into our beloved home.  Our week flew by, with many different celebrations and outings with all our family and friends.  We went to Redeemer for Christmas Eve service with Papa Neill and GG, then to Matt’s Uncle Kenny’s for his favorite German meal of buttered noodles, butter balls, and German sausage.  Even though it was only Cole, Landon, and Nash, the present-opening still got crazy!  The theme for Cole’s Christmas this year was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and super heroes.  Michelangelo showed up in many of our pictures, including our only good family picture we have of the 4 of us.



Santa visited our house and our mini tree, which Cole was very excited about.  Usually bedtime is a battle to see if Cole can negotiate his way into having his door open wider when the lights go out, but not Christmas Eve.  He insisted on it being closed so Santa didn’t wake him up, and he definitely stayed in bed until his alarm went off in case Santa was still out by the tree!  As much as his fear of Santa was greatly reduced this year, he definitely was cautious about a man intruding his house through his chimney while he was sleeping.

And then our Elf Ralph texted me this picture of when he caught Santa setting up presents by our Christmas tree.  Cole didn’t say much when he saw it, I think he was too afraid to think about it too hard. character

dsc03454 dsc03458

We drove down to Superior to Uncle Luke’s house for Christmas Day.  We had brunch and a big Christmas dinner there, so it was an all day family affair.  All the kids are finally getting old enough to play with each other, and Benjamin’s play kitchen was a hit with all 3 boys.  Everyone was very well-behaved for the most part, especially since it was such a long day without a great nap for either of our boys.  We were even able to sneak out with Luke and Sarah the following night while Grandma Ruth braved the 3 boys at dinnertime.  Apparently, Cole was as much of a babysitter as Grandma and told Landon he couldn’t take another night of him throwing food on the floor.  So grown up, that one.  Anyways, we had a great trip back and fun Christmas weekend! 20161225_155454dsc03472 20161225_180851 20161227_171623 img_0367



Polar Express To The North Pole

We booked a trip on the Holiday Express 1880 Train in Hill City last weekend.  The weather in Hill City was about 30 degrees warmer than in Rapid, which was a nice relief from the single digit temperatures we’d been having.  The train was slightly warmer than being outside, but the boys didn’t seem to mind.  On the way to the “North Pole,” we got hot chocolate and a sugar cookie.  Santa hopped on the train once we got to the North Pole and made his way through the kids on the train.  Cole was very calm and brave and told Santa he wanted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Mrs. Clause was very friendly and met Cole while we were standing in line.  She called him by name every time she saw him for the rest of the ride.  Landon was just happy to crush half of a cookie (would’ve had more if we’d let him).  dsc03345dsc03348dsc03351dsc03359dsc03374dsc03385

Cole had a Christmas party at his new school.  They have been practicing a few songs for a couple of weeks now and Cole was so excited about it.  I wasn’t able to make it since I was working, but Matt and Grandpa Scott went.  At first, Cole stood in line with the rest of the kids, but as soon as he saw people he knew, he stood in the corner by himself.  The other kids stood up there and sang so sweetly, and Cole stood with his arms crossed the whole time and a scowl on his face.  Oh well.  He did great with Santa.  We haven’t ever gotten a smile like that!



Christmas Lights of Night

Thanksgiving weekend is the kickoff to so many fun Christmas traditions.  Storybook Island, the kids fairytale park that Cole loves in the summer, gets decked out in lights for the whole Christmas season.  I took Cole last year since we didn’t make it to the Parade of Lights, but we practically ran through in 10 minutes because it was so bitter cold.  The whole weekend was actually rather nice, only in the mid 30’s in the evenings!  We took Grandma Ruth to Storybook Island Friday night, which was way less crowded than the Halloween event there a month ago.  My favorite picture is the one of us all in front of the stockings….Cole looks so pleasant and cooperative doesn’t he?  But then he got some hot chocolate and was stoked to see Santa after that.  He went right up to him (well, between him and the Mrs.) and told him he wants mash’ems for Christmas.  Matt and I had to look those up, apparently Cole learned about them from YouTube.

Saturday night, we took Ruth downtown and met Emilee, Al, and “E-Lan” (LeeAnn) for the Parade of Lights.  We got everyone bundled up and watched Matt and the Singing Johns on the Northwest Pipe float.  I didn’t really get a picture of the float, but it’s great!  There’s a “choir” of singing toilets with opening and closing “mouths.”  Matt got to be the giant snowman, which Cole thought was the coolest thing in the world!  Cole’s main concern at the parade was the number of Grinches we saw on floats.  Luckily, one of the floats had the Grinch in jail, and he was so relieved to see that.  Phew.


You Little Turkey!

Thanksgiving was about as least hectic as it could have been with fewer people than normal, yet it was still way too much work!  Grandma Ruth drove up Wednesday before Thanksgiving and visited us for the first time since we moved to Rapid.  Everyone was so excited to see her, and she even surprised Cole at school when she went to pick him up with me.  For Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, Chris fried up turkeys as usual…he fried 4 total this year for us and several to take to people.  It was just the 4 of us, Grandma and Grandpa Barbour, Chris, and Grandma Ruth eating dinner.  The kids couldn’t wait until 1 pm to eat since they smelled everything, so they sat at the table by themselves and ate.  I’ve never seen Cole eat so much meat in my life.  He loved the turkey so much, he probably ate more that meal than he’s eaten of any meat since we moved up here.  Landon, of course, liked it as much as he likes everything else….he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to food.





What a little ham…or should I say, turkey?!


dsc03068 dsc03073 dsc03075 dsc03082 img_8636 dsc03080

And although I don’t have many pics from the weekend before Thanksgiving, Grandpa Neill and GG Elaine came up for the weekend to hang out with Cole.  He spent the night at the hotel with them again, which was a nice break for us and a special treat for Cole.  We are so lucky to be blessed with such wonderful family!