Come on Over!


Happy Summer! I just had to bring back this picture from last year.

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Preschool Graduation and T-Ball

Cole Preschool Program (with co-star Landon)

Cole had his end-of-the-year program at school this week. He’s been coming home for a few months singing the songs they’ve been practicing.  After the Christmas program standing alone in the corner, I wasn’t expecting much.  But he did so great! Landon was a riot, too.  He just wanted to be with Cole and the kids up front.  Then he clapped with excitement after each song.  I can’t get enough of this video, he’s such a character and Cole is so serious.  Even with Landon trying to join the fun, Cole did really great.  He even got a diploma for graduating to the next level at the end of this month.

Our first T-ball game happened the same night, so it was a busy day.  Cole was also very good during his game.  Maybe he’s coming out of his shell a bit and learning to try the unknown and actually enjoy things.  The kids each got to bat twice, only run one base, and nobody gets out.  It’s a good way to start learning the game and was really cute to watch.

Papa Neill came up for the week to babysit while we went to the Kentucky Derby party and stayed for the preschool program and T-Ball game.  Cole stayed with him for a few nights at the hotel and we went to Watiki Water Park at his hotel.  Cole is loving swimming right now…he just jumps right in and goes all the way under with no problem.  Landon didn’t really care for the water, but he was ok if he had a ball while I held him.


Easter Ecks (aka Eggs)

Cole was VERY excited for Easter this year.  He’s always loved hiding eggs, so as soon as the plastic eggs came out, we were hiding them time after time for him.  He was even hiding them for himself.  Luckily, we just got them out a few days ago, so it hasn’t gotten too old.  Yet.  Landon only likes opening the eggs, but then he can’t get them closed himself so he screams, “eck” (egg).  We dyed eggs while Landon was napping one day, and Cole was actually pretty careful with the dye so it wasn’t too painful.

Easter morning, Cole got up around 6:15 and I could hear him yelling at Matt while he was in the shower, “Dad, there’s an egg by the piano and one on the stairs.”  He was scoping out all the hiding places for the eggs, and by the time we got Landon up, he knew where everything was.  The Easter Bunny got them giant eggs instead of baskets this year.  In true Cole fashion, he was obviously concerned with what the Easter Bunny did while he was in the house (like, did he come anywhere near Cole’s room?).  But he got over it once he started opening money and jellybean eggs.  He was pretty disappointed there weren’t toys inside the eggs.  We’ll have to send the Easter Bunny a note about that for next year.

We went to church and did an egg hunt there, which was the perfect amount of kids and eggs.  Cole got tons of candy that we were trying to avoid giving him, but oh well.  We came home from church, fed the kids, and put them down for naps before we ate our own Easter meal.  It was the best tasting meal we’ve had in 3 1/2 years since we could actually enjoy our own meals and not have to cut food, negotiate bites, or wipe faces afterwards.  Happy Easter!


Disneyland or Bust…

Well…we’re back from our 3-day Disneyland Extravaganza, 6-day trip to California.  We went with Grandma and Grandpa Barbour and Uncle Tommy and Aunt Emilee.  The parks got easier as the days went on…Day 1, we went to California Adventure it seems like every ride we tried to ride was closed.  Cole whined to go home after 1 hour in the park.  We got stuck in a major pedestrian traffic jam on the way home from the Main Street Electrical Parade that night, which caused Landon to throw a major fit since it was about 3 hours past bedtime.  Day 2, we went to Disneyland and dealt with the same thing.  We tried to go on Splash Mountain 2 times and it kept closing by the time we got to the line.  The 3rd time we went on the ride, we actually got on.  We were about a third of the way through, when the lights came on and a voice came on that said, “We’re sorry, there appears to be a log jam up ahead.”  Soon, a cast member came through and assisted us in getting out of our logs and walking through the backstage area to the exit.  I must say, in all my years going to Disney, I’ve never had to exit a ride in the middle of it.  So that was frustrating.  We gave up the rest of the day on that ride.  We finally bought our Mickey Ears for our last day in the park.  Of course the boys didn’t want to wear their hats, but Matt was insistent on wearing his all day because he knew how much it meant to me.  Day 3, we went back and forth between the 2 parks and hit the rides we weren’t able to get to the other 2 days.  The Fastpass system worked out in our favor for once and actually saved us time.  We finally did Splash Mountain, and Matt went back for a second time right away.  See how excited he was in the picture below!  I’m surprised how well the sleeping arrangements worked with all of us in the same hotel room together.  Although Cole was pretty wired when we got back to the hotel each night, they both fell asleep while we were able to continue getting ready for the next morning.  Three days was plenty in the parks, and six nights in a hotel together was more than enough for all of us.


The Huntington Beach part of the trip for Matt’s Northwest Pipe meetings was pretty quick.  We had the big dinner with all of the Rapid City NWP group on Monday night after only arriving Sunday.  The boys behaved very well at the dinner and Landon had a chance to practice his walking skills (which, by the way, he sort of just started walking on his own right before the trip). Tuesday we hung around the beach and met up with Luke, Sarah, and Benjamin.  The boys also got to eat In-n-Out for the first time, but we didn’t get any pictures since it was so chaotic.  They loved it of course.  We had a fun time on our trip, but it was so nice to sleep in our own beds, without kids in the room, and without 20,000 steps of walking to look forward to the next day!


Mascots at Disney

We did a character breakfast this morning and I’m amazed how close Cole got to all the “mascots.” He couldn’t get enough of them by the end of it! And Landon was enthralled by them as well. Except Rafiki, nobody liked Rafiki (the creepy monkey).  Here are a few more from the trip, but there will be more to come later!


This, That, and a First Haircut

This is the rather uneventful time of year with not a lot of excitement or photo ops, but we’ve had a few highlights and cute photos to share.  Andy, Ivana, and Lukas came to visit her family and us in Rapid.  Since we’re living here now, we didn’t have to rearrange all the kids’ sleep schedules just to see each other for an hour.  We actually got together a few times, and the kids had a great time playing with each other now that they’re similar in age and abilities.  The weather was nice enough to go to the park, which they all loved.  It was Cole’s idea to get everyone on the teeter-totter…that’s my boy trying to get the cutest picture!  These 3 could be trouble over the years!

Landon finally got his first haircut at almost 17 months.  He was growing quite the rattail, even though I hated to cut off the curls.  I felt bad his hair was always swooping over his eye, so I figured it was time.  It’s amazing how different and older a haircut can make a little baby look!  He sat through the haircut fine, which I was a bit worried about since he panics when anyone other than myself is holding him.

And here a few random pictures from the last few months…


New hats from Papa Neill since winter has kept going and going and going


Cole loves playing Superhero these days


Cole and Dad found some bones at the bottom of my parents’ hill. This is how he thinks they would go to make whatever animal they came from…pretty creative all on his own!


My attempt at a winter photo shoot with Landon…


One of the only smiles I got